Because Parenthood Is A Journey To Be Explored To The Fullest!

About Me As The Coach

Well, Hello There! I’m Kristin.  The life coach behind Taking Care of You Coaching.

I am a passionate, supportive, and sometimes crazy-energy filled mother, wife, school counselor, gymnastics coach, and life coach.  As you can see, I wear many “hats” throughout my days and weeks.  Because of this, I have learned that it is essential and beneficial to prioritizing taking care of myself in order to find the right balance on this journey of parenthood. And I want that for all parents …. to be able to create a place of balance between the person and the parent so that the parenthood journey can be enjoyed throughout all the stages!

Isn’t There A Saying On Airplanes??

You know the one that we tend to “ignore” …

The one that the flight attendants say during their flight preparations.  That BIG ONE about putting on your own mask first before assisting others.  But when we step back and really listen to it and think about it … there really is an important message that extends beyond airplanes and into our everyday world.  The importance of taking care of ourselves before we can really, truly care for others.  As parents we tend to do the exact opposite … we put the needs of our children, no matter their age, first before our own needs.

What Would Happen If ….

… we, as parents, were able to feel a sense balance of the every day expectations and need to-dos with the things that make us feel whole, feel good, feel balanced, feel worthy, feel … all the things you truly desire??

… we stopped comparing ourselves to everyone else and how everyone else is doing this whole parenting game??

… we reinvented how we look at the parenting journey for every angle; from pregnancy through raising adult children??

My Philosophy And Approach 

Our sessions together will always come back to these 4 foundations.  I believe these 4 foundations help to make the coach-client relationship work the best so that the most can be gained from each session.

Heart-Centered & Holistic Approach

You are more than just a parent! With that in mind, our coaching sessions will focus on your desired outcomes and goals by allowing and encouraging you to explore that inner space in which real change happens. 

Personal Accountability

Change does not happen over night and it certainly does not happen alone. Together, we will work to develop a system of accouintability from a loving, supportive, and kind approach that you can take with you long after our sessions finish. 

Open & Honest Dialgoue

Honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to the changes you want to make for yourself.  Keeping an open and honest dialogue allows the opportunity to dig in deep to where change loves.

Connection & Celebration

We are in this TOGETHER! Being able to connect with someone else in a non-judgemental space allows for change to really happen. And when it does, we will CELEBRATE all the successes … even the little ones that are taken for granted.

So Are YOU Ready to get STARTED and … 

 … to be in the driver’s seat on this journey towards balance?
… to be the parent YOU want to be and not what others say you have to be?
… to be the YOU that you have always envisioned while still managing all the “hats”?

Then let’s GO!!!  

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Let’s Go!

Client Testimonials

Here is what a couple of my clients say about working with me and how it has helped them!

Kristin’s warm personality and insightful comments and questions helped me to create a genuine shift in my perspective. This shift helped me to identify the Stories that were causing strife in my relationships, then create practices together to move me forward to a more secure place and just feel more confident in myself.

Laura R.

As a mom, wife, business owner and “all the things” doer, I felt overwhelmed and under-resourced. Having a regularly-scheduled session with Kristin has been such a gift. When you talk to her, you feel like you’re getting coffee with your best friend—she provides an open, supportive environment to talk about what *really* has you stuck. Some sessions, I wasn’t totally sure what that was, but Kristin never faltered. She calmly, methodically, helped me lay out what was on my mind and sort through it, piece by piece, until we could step back and see the whole picture. More than just “feeling better” though, she helps you slowly develop awareness and practice courage to make small changes that create a big impact. With insightful questions and intuitive exercises, she truly is a professional coach: running alongside me during practice, talking strategy for life’s present challenges, and cheering me on from the sidelines when I meet my goal.

Steph S.

Latest On My Inner Thinking

Want to know what I am thinking on all things parenthood??
A great place to see all of this is on my blog.  I try to write and share things that are valuable to you as a parent and as a person. 

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