Sneak Peek to Taking Care: Release, Reclaim, & Re-energize

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Sneak Peek to Taking Care: Release, Reclaim, & Re-energize

Have you ever had a feeling that you NEEDED to do something?

Like really, really needed to ________ (insert whatever it is you really needed to do!).

For me, I really needed to do something active today. I was feeling sluggish starting about midday. Once I got home from work, the sluggish feeling was sticking around. After getting the kids off the bus, the sluggish feeling continued even more with strength.  Then it happened … I got snippy with my kids.  I may even potentially categorize it as losing my shit. This looks like: raised voice … may even be considered yelling; long, long sentences going on and on about what they can and should be doing on their own; reminding them of my role as mom and that sometimes I need a break, etc.  While it probably doesn’t seem like much, if you have ever spoken with me, you know that I try to remain calm and in control.  Losing my shit means me losing control.  And that is a feeling that I don’t like.

So … you are probably asking yourself what is the point?

Well, it was only after I got snippy with the kids that I really listened to this need that my body, mind, and soul were trying to tell me.  I would say by this point, it was screaming at me!  It wanted me to do something and that something being active.

I need to move. I need to get this weird energy inside out of me.  While it looks like and feels like sluggish, it really is a voice coming from deep down saying “move girl move”.  I have found that exercise makes me feel good.  It clears out the clutter in my brain.  It makes my muscles feel sore but in a good way.  It re-energizes my whole being so I can do the things I want and need to do.

I got the message …. but how do I even make this happen.

After finishing prepping dinner, packing tomorrow’s lunches, and getting homework squared away, I snuck in an at home workout. I was left with no other option.  And yes, there is no other option.  While I would prefer to be outside connecting with nature through running/walking, I had no choice but to do something inside.  First off, it is really hot and humid right now.  Second, my husband works late 2 days a week and it just so happens, today is one of those day.  So an at home, in the living room workout was going to have to do.

25 minutes later … with music turned up loud ….. this momma got lots of movement in.  It was a bit of a mash up of exercises but it worked.  I moved.  I sweated.  I got the sluggishness out of me.

Why is this important?

Well, this is a little sneak peek into what Taking Care: Release, Reclaim, and Re-energize is going to bring. A series of 3 videos delivered to your inbox (in production now!) focusing these 3 areas to help moms like me and you take care of the mom and person we want and envision ourselves to be. 

Here is what I have learned in the work I have been doing on me and why I want to share with all of you.

Listening earlier on in the day to what my mind, body, and soul were saying could have changed the outcome and maybe I would not have been so snippy with the kids. Or maybe nothing would have changed. 

But through my own learning, I am:

Releasing the pieces that don’t serve me in the long run – like not allowing room for mistakes, wanting to always be in control, etc

Reclaiming all of me – like giving myself some grace around being a mom and a person; listening and tuning into the things my mind, body and soul want me to hear; understanding that day-to-day things change for me, etc.

Re-energizing to keep it going – like finding new ways to keep the spark and excitement to avoid falling into my own traps that I have worked to release

And at the end of the day, I am loving this process. 

It is hard. 

It is challenging. 

At times, it does not seem possible. 

But I am constantly learning and constantly working my way through these 3 areas because I really truly want to be the mom and person I deserve to be.  The one I envisioned myself to be.  Because I learned to take care of me!

I hope you will join me and enjoyed this sneak peek at the exciting work I am doing that will be coming to all of you.

All my best and take care,


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