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Because Parenthood is A Journey

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Individual Coaching Sessions

These are bi-weekly 60-minute scheduled sessions, held either via phone, Skype, or in-person (if local), where together, we will:

  • have an honest and open dialogue
  • explore goals and desired outcomes for coaching sessions
  • develop achievable and manageable action steps and practices
  • engage in meaningful exercises that help you to dig into that deep inner space
  • create a way to celebrate the successes along the way. 

Investment: $80 per session


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Not sure if this is right for you?
Schedule a Discovery Session!

Discovery Session

This is a one-time only 30 minute coaching session, held either via phone, Skype, or in person (if local),  that allows us the opportunity to explore:

  • what lead you to pursuing coaching
  • your goals and desired outcomes for future coaching sessions
  • any questions you have for me as the coach
  • get a little preview of what a coaching session can do for you

Investment: FREE

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Want More?

Oh there is more to come ... but it is still in the development stages.

Group Coaching

Group coaching sessions are monthly 90-minute sessions held via a private Uberconference line.  Group coaching sessions will focus around a chosen book that we will spend time reviewing what we read, sharing with each other impacts or sparks that came up during the reading, playing around with some on-call exercises, and developing individualized goals and practices to partake.  

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Taking Care: Creating The Life You Want Program

A 6 month online program that allows you the opportunity to create a life you truly desire with a community of likeminded and supportive parents. So while you get to do this at your own pace, you will still have others to help hold you accountable to the work and support you all the way.

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